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Can these 6 minutes change your morning?

Like others, most mornings I wake up to a rush of thoughts (and feelings) revolving around my personal and professional obligations for the day. I found myself unable to prioritize and order my thoughts and daily commitments by the time I finished my breakfast each morning. I heard a few people talking about how the Miracle Morning had changed their morning routine and helped them really focus on their goals for each day.

... myself and another young, real estate professional decided to try the 6 Minute Miracle Morning for a week and see what happened...

The 6 minutes flowed like so..

  • Minute one: Silence You spend the first minute sitting in purposeful silence to clear your mind.

  • Minute two: Affirmations Read over your daily affirmations to remind yourself of what your most important priorities are.

  • Minute three: Visualization Close your eyes and imagine what it will look and feel like when you reach your goals. It could be a long term goal, or just a goal for the day.

  • Minute four: Scribing Journal about what you are grateful for or proud of, or the goals you wish to accomplish that day.

  • Minute five: Reading Read a page or two from your favorite self help book.

  • Minute six: Exercise Spend the last minute doing some sort of exercise to get your heart rate up and your body energized.

Over the course of one week, we each found that our days were more productive with a regimented morning routine. While we say benefits from all six activities, there were several elements of 6-Minute Miracle Morning that proved more productive than others.

By beginning the day with professional goal setting followed by silence, exercise and reading, we enhanced our daily routines. We both agreed scribing proved most helpful in our respective morning routines.

I, personally, found that a set morning routine gave me clarity and helped me prioritize my daily professional and personal goals. I discovered that a minute of silence first thing helped clear my morning mind and refocus on what was important to my day. Scribing helped me to take all of my thoughts and put them into goals.

In addition, I added a full glass of water to begin the session followed by the 6 minute routine. This helped to rehydrate and awaken my sleepy body.

Here is what Natalie Painter, Coastal NC Realty Group, discovered;

“Exercising in the morning really set my day off to a productive start. My usual routine includes exercise at 4pm where I walk my two dogs. I reached my exercise goals earlier by starting the day with a minute of activity. I also made better food choices."

"Scribing was helpful for me professionally. I used the Notes app in my iphone to brain dump goals and thoughts that I could reference throughout the day to stay on track."

"Lastly, I altered reading to incorporate a podcast into my morning routine. I love listing to the news on our smart home device. I added several business podcast to my morning routine to add diversity and thoughtfulness to my day.”

The miracle morning is something that I plan to continue to incorporate into my daily live. I would highly recommend this to friends and colleagues who is looking to slow down their morning routine and refocus on what is important as they head into this busy spring real estate season.

Sources : Hal Elrod International

About the Author

Joanna Harrington, Coldwell Banker Seaside Realty, holds the positions of 2019 YPN Public Relations Leader.

My favorite part of my real estate career are the personal relationships I form with my clients and showing them this barrier island that I love so much.

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